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Our expert financial services compliance consultants support you on every step of your journey, whether you are an entrepreneur launching your business or a Singapore subsidiary of a group that is already regulated overseas. We regard each firm as unique, having its own size, complexities, customers, cultures. We design your compliance programme with your stage of development and specific needs in mind.

Our Tailored Services

We can serve you at various stages of your life cycle as an institution that is or will be regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Getting Licenced

The first step of your journey would be to get your licence or registration, depending on your business model. In Singapore, an array of licences or registrations are needed to enable provision of different types of financial services to the public or a section of the public, e.g. only accredited and institutional investors.

At the exciting juncture of your firm’s impending launch of business, Integrity Consulting can walk you through the process for obtaining the specific licence or registration that is needed to enable your firm to offer the intended type of services or products to your target clientele.

Having identified the requisite application criteria and ensured that your firm is able to meet them, our expert consultants will then assist your company in your licence or registration application process. We have experience applying for a wide array of licences or registrations from the MAS, including Capital Market Services Licence (CMS), Registration for Fund Management (RMFC), Payment Service Provider Licence, Trust Company Licence and Financial Adviser Licence.

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Drafting Policies and Procedures

Every company requires a framework for it to function. At Integrity Consulting, we assist in drafting and designing policies and procedures that describe your firm’s compliance, governance, risk management and operational frameworks. Of these, we believe the compliance manual is the key document that all newly licensed or registered firms need to guide them on what to do once they are regulated. We understand that many entrepreneurs may have come from big institutions who now need to run their own start-up firm, or are big institutions established in a foreign jurisdiction who need guidance on the specific circumstances of operating in Singapore. Our consultants and advisors will assist your company in creating a compliance infrastructure to help mitigate risk of your Singapore operations. A key component would be creating an anti-money laundering (AML) program. You can learn more on our page on AML services.


Even if you have an internal policy, it is important to have regular compliance training to ensure that all staff, management and directors are familiar with their respective obligations. Integrity Consulting has experience providing bespoke training to suit the specific policies of your firm and the training needs of your team.

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Compliance Checks

Borrowing a dental hygiene analogy, just as we brush and floss daily, regular trips to your dentist are still a must. The dentist tells us if we are doing too much or little or if there are areas we are unaware of.

So too, as financial institutions busy themselves with the day to day, they should periodically get a “health check” of their internal controls and compliance frameworks. This gives assurance that internal controls and business processes are working as they should, and where needed, identify areas where improvements are needed. This compliance process will help management identify potential risks and improve operational efficiency. Receiving an independent assessment of your company’s practices, processes and controls gives you peace of mind that your business has been assessed by persons with requisite expertise and experience, and helps you avoid issues due to non-regulatory compliance.

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Sinyee manages Integrity Consulting, a compliance consultancy firm. She advises financial services firms on licensing and ongoing obligations after they are licensed. As a compliance consultant, Sinyee has advised a range of firms from banks, asset managers (hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, external asset managers), remittance companies and fintechs. Recent areas on which Sinyee has advised firms on include anti-money laundering & counter terrorism financing, personnel fit & proper requirements, preparation of regulatory filings and reports, outsourcing, data privacy, business continuity, cybersecurity & technology risk management, cryptocurrency and fintech regulations.

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